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Impactmed helps the planet's healthcare sector collaborate and create value across silos.

Impact med is the only global supplier of ai-integrated covid-19 rapid test kits.

What We Do

We are the leading global supplier of AI Integrated covid19 rapid test & PCR kits


Rapid Test & PCR Kits

  • Covid-19 rapid test kits (98.5% accuracy & higher--from preferred providers)


  • Highest Quality Personal Protective Equipment from Trusted & Proven Manufacturers

AI Integration

  • Leverages Proprietary Rymedi Technology
  • Smartphone application for real-time tests results with geolocation
  • QR codes verify test kit & reagent authenticity
  • Predictive analytics dashboard anticipates disease outbreak
  • Integrates agnostically to any COVID-19 diagnostic test
  • Fully HIPAA, GDPR compliant platform designed to produce CFR21.11 compliant Real-World Evidence

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